The Elder Titans

When the first settlers from Candor braved the Northern Goss Mountains to settle the fertile land to the west, the Titans already were there.

The records described them as being physically similar to dwarves and shared their strong craftsmanship skills, and many to this day believe that they perhaps were an offshoot of Dwarven society, a group of outcasts who perhaps went their own way. However, they possessed several key differences from Dwarves. For one, they did not worship Moradin. In fact, they showed no sign of organized religion whatsoever, leaving some to believe that they were minor deities themselves, a theory still widely debated to this day. They also showed no predilection towards industry, eschewing that for individual fine craftsmanship, which leads of course to the other man difference between the Elder Titans and the dwarves.

No dwarf ever produced such amazing magical items and the Titans did in their heyday.

Word began to spread that the Northwestern part of the continent, now called “Titan” after its inhabitants, was filled with amazing magical treasures. The settlers soon were followed by treasure seekers and looters. The Titans were gravely disturbed by the sudden pillaging of their creations. They killed all who attempted to loot the settlements they lived at, but their numbers had waned over time, and there were many abandoned cities that were ripe for the picking.

Eventually, the Titans saw the only way to keep their works safe was to leave this world for another. They did so, but not before leaving the nation in the custody of a family of Eladrin traders, who would go on to be known as the House of Titan.

The Elder Titans

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