The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood can trace its origins back to before the founding of the House of Titan when artifact looting ran rampant across the country. It is believed this looting was a major decision behind the Elder Titan’s decision to leave this plane for parts unknown. With the Titans gone along with the possibility of any new Titan-wrought creations, the looting business suddenly became a lot more valuable and dangerous.

The new Eladrin kings decided it was in their best interest to make the illicit trade end. Titan-wrought artifacts were deemed to be the property of the state. Any family who owned one as an heirloom would be allowed to keep it if they received a Certificate of Trust from the court scribe. The penalty for possessing a Titan-wrought artifact without such a certificate was death.

When it became clear that not only was the new king serious about this, but he had the muscle to back it up through the Titan’s Mandate, most of the looters either went legit and registered their artifacts, or discreetly left the country as fast as they could. The few looters that remained soon found it was not a very profitable trade, and joined together to form The Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood soon learned that the only way they would be able to survive the House of Titan’s wrath was if they developed secondary industries to support the illicit artifact trade. So, they turned to less savory criminal practices in order to stay in business. Prostitution, theft, protection rackets and the creation and sale of fraudulent Titan-wrought artifacts were a few. As a result, a criminal underclass began to form, however the leadership of The Brotherhood remained primarily interested in the artifact trade.

As the House of Titan waned and the Brotherhood grew, it became increasingly common for members of The Brotherhood to flaunt their status by wearing blue sashes around their waist. It might get them thrown in jail by some of the more zealous guards, but that really was no obstacle for The Brotherhood as they controlled most of the jails anyway.

The current situation places The Brotherhood’s power on equal to, if not more than, the House of Titan. This has created an uneasy balance between the two, and for the first time ever, the House is undergoing a major crackdown against the Brotherhood, causing violent flareups all over Titan.

The Brotherhood

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