Titan's Mandate

The Titan's Mandate is the traditional crown of the ruling family of Titan. It hovers above the brow of the wearer and has special powers over Titan artifacts.


+5 bonus to dungeoneering and arcana checks in Titan-wrought dungeons.

Power(standard, at-will) Command Titan Artifact Wearer attempts to issue a simple command to a Titan-wrought artifact. Roll a D20 and add unmodified dungeoneering or arcana stat.


The House of Titan were not always the ruling monarchs of the nation that bears their name. They originally were a family of wealthy Eladrin traders who acted as a civilizing influence on the young melting pot nation. They helped to establish the city of Peacefall, and bring an end to the wars over the artifacts being created by the secluded Elder Titans in the Northern Goss Mountains. Their work did not go unnoticed, and when the Elder Titans made the decision to leave this plane, they gave the Eladrin traders the Mandate, which would become the crown and sign of their line as a trading franchise transformed into a dynasty.

The Mandate appears to be a simple golden ring with no adornments or ornamentation, a bit wider then the circumference of an average humanoid’s head. When worn, it does not actually rest on a person’s brow, but rather floats around the edges of it, rather like a halo. It is a symbol that represents the divine right of the House of Titan to rule the nation.

Legends say that the crown bestowed complete control over all of the Titan’s creations upon the bearer. Accounts of the court scribe of Erno the Mighty describe him of being able to control every aspect of his Titan-built palace. His audience chamber would morph from a darkly-lit war room with no windows when meeting with his generals to a brightly-lit hall with large stained glass windows when being visited by diplomats from nearby Endar or Candor. And we have many accounts of the crown’s ability to direct the many Titan-wrought Warforged in battle.

Despite these incredible accounts, there are conflicting accounts. A record in the Peacefall Home Guard shows that the castle’s defenses once turned on a thief who attempted to steal the Mandate after he put it on his brow. And Candor’s records show that a visiting dignitary to Titan witnessed Ferros III command a door in the castle to open four or five times before it actually creaked to life slowly.

For many years, the crown was inseparable from the Titan kings. It was Erdo the Unready who had the crown moved to the vault for the creation of a new Mandate by the court blacksmith. The new Mandate, while very pretty, was not a true artifact and had no magical properties. Still, it began to be associated as the true Mandate, while the original Titan-wrought crown gathered dust in the vaults below Peacefall.

Titan's Mandate

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