Oloven Shipsail

He's like the Fonzie of reformed Shadar-Kai Wizards...


Level 1 HP: 25

Shadar-kai, Male, Wizard, unaligned, follower of Ioun.

Initiative 3 AC: 13 Fort: 13 Ref: 13 Will: 15

Str: 15 [+2] Con: 15 [+2] Dex: 16 [+3] Int: 16 [+3] Wis: 16 [+3] Cha: 15 [+2]


Oloven “Oli” Shipsail was born a creature of the underdark, a shadow creature. As the runt of the litter, Oli was left to die alone when his family left their cave under the employ darker forces. An adventuring wizard by the name of Udon Shipsail stumbled upon the orphan child when staying in the cave for a fortnight to survive a terrible and sudden storm.

The wizard Shipsail adopted Oloven and taught him the wonders of the arcane as best he could. Oloven learned very quickly, but the Udon noticed that the boy was clumsier than most at times.

When Oli turned 15, Udon gave him his first Orb. However, clumsy Oli was so excited he teleported across the room and dropped the orb, shattering it on the floor. Oli was heart broken and refused to use another orb until Udon gave him a new orb for his 17th birthday.

Many years later Oli is now 24, and on his 7th Orb. After breaking #6 at age 20 Oli and his father, Udon, came up with a brilliant idea to help Oli with his clumsiness. Udon sought out and old friend, a dwarven blacksmith, to drill three finger holes in Oloven’s orb, to help him better keep a grip, why he had never just switched to a wand or staff not even Udon knows, but Oli’s custom Orb has been by his side for several years now and he even hired a leathersmith to craft him a special bag just for his orb to keep it safe when he doesn’t need it.

Oloven Shipsail

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