The Weight of the Crown

Gangs of Profelton

“My friends and I were sitting in Profelton, drinking away our cares and worries, and with the fights between the Brotherhood and the Guard there are plenty of worries, when this pirate comes in and hires us for this job. We’re no stranger to weird requests, I myself have in the past been asked to use my teleportation to smuggle illicit substances, but we were handed a Certificate of Trust and asked to bring back one of the mythical Titan Artifacts… Well Noname` got mamed almost, we fought some ash imps or something, puked my guts out at some weird spinning lake and it turns out the Trust was forged and we got in a little trouble with the Guard but I guess Lark bribed them cause they let us go… Then outof nowhere we get the pirate guy inadvertantly killed by a puppet assassin. So now not only did we get in some trouble with the Guard but now we’re probably going to get stuck doing illegal work for the Brotherhood… oi… “

-from the adventure journal of Olovan Shipsail



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